Course Code:
LAW 242
Law Honors/Pass/R credit/Fail


This course is an introduction to the basic legal rules and principles governing the relations between managers, investors, and creditors in the business enterprise. The course is the foundation for advanced business courses. We focus on problems that arise because a firm's managers and owners have conflicting interests. We examine the costs associated with this conflict and how markets, legal rules and contracts might reduce them. Special Instructions: QM: Finance (Law 467) is recommended. Elements used in grading: Class participation, attendance, written assignments, midterm, final exam.

Future Offerings

2015-2016 Spring

Corporations LAW 242 Section 01 Class #1068

  • 4 Units
    • 2L3LADV

Notes: In-class Final.

Past Offerings

2014-2015 Winter

Corporations LAW 242 Section 01 Class #29623

  • 4 Units
    • 1LJDOPEN

Notes: In-class Final. Open to First-Year JD Students.

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