Disability: Law, Human Rights and Justice


Course Code:
LAW 644
Law Honors/Pass/R credit/Fail


This is a survey course of disability rights law, with an emphasis on federal and state statutes and case law, and some exposure to international human rights law and the contemporary concept of "disability justice." Areas of concentration are employment, government services, public accommodations, education, housing, mental health treatment and involuntary commitment, and personal autonomy. We will review such statutes as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Rehabilitation Act (Sec. 504), Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Fair Housing Act Amendments, California Developmental Services ("Lanterman") Act and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The course examines disability from a civil and human rights perspective and has a "cross-disability" orientation insofar as it addresses the legal interests of persons with mobility and communication impairments, as well as intellectual and psycho-social disabilities. Exploration of the legal doctrine will be complemented with practical skills exercises and presentations by guest speakers. Special Instructions: Grades will be based on class participation and (1) short reflection essays on the readings and a short research paper for Writing (W) credit or (2) a long independent research paper for Research (R) credit. The student must consult with the instructor on the paper's topic, scope and format. After the term begins, students accepted into the course can transfer from section (01) into section (02), which meets the R requirement, with consent of the instructor. Elements used in grading: Class participation (40%), short reflection essays and short research paper (60%) or a long independent research paper (60%). Writing (W) credit is for students entering prior to Autumn 2012. – – – NOTE: The first class meets on Sept. 24, Erev Rosh Hashonah (Eve of Jewish New Year). If you are unable to attend, the instructor will provide an accommodation to ensure that you are not disadvantaged. Please contact him before Sept. 17 at 510.387.3956.

Past Offerings

2014-2015 Autumn

Disability: Law, Human Rights and Justice LAW 644 Section 01 Class #29520

  • 3 Units
  • Enrollment Limitations: Lottery 25
    • 2L3LADV

Notes: Writing Requirement for Law Degree.

Disability: Law, Human Rights and Justice LAW 644 Section 02 Class #29521

  • 3 Units
  • Enrollment Limitations: Consent
    • 2L3LADV

Notes: Research Requirement for Law Degree.

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