Education Law and Policy


Course Code:
LAW 698
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


This seminar will explore the current state of education law and policy, with an emphasis on legal environment for charter schools. Students will have an opportunity to discuss cutting edge issues in education reform with leaders and policy-makers from charter school operators, union leaders, researchers, and innovators. Special Instructions: Grades will be based on class participation and (1) weekly reflection papers of 3-5 pages each week for each of our speakers/topics or (2) a long research paper. Writing credit is for 3Ls only. After the term begins, students accepted into the course can transfer from section (01) into section (02) which meets the R requirement, with consent of the instructor. The course is open to first-year Law School students. Writing (W) credit is for 3Ls only. Elements used in grading: Weekly Reflection Papers or Research Paper.

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