Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Law in Social Enterprises


Course Code:
LAW 543
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


Many believe that society's greatest challenges have already been solved by social entrepreneurs and the challenge is how to take their ideas to scale. However, it has become increasingly difficult to start and sustain social ventures. The lines between the public and private sectors have become increasingly blurry as best practices in the social sector now include innovation, strategy and accountability. This course will expose students to the work of social entrepreneurs in social enterprises – focusing primarily on domestic non-profit organizations. Using the "case study method" typically used in MBA programs, students will examine the challenges of starting, counseling, serving, funding and scaling social ventures through the eyes of the entrepreneur, investor, attorney and community leader. The course will explore the intricacies of remaining mission driven, talent, board relations, managing and sustaining growth, the changing role of corporate governance, and leveraging private sector partnerships and resources. Students will also explore innovative public / private sector partnerships and the challenges and opportunities of engaging diverse partners with differing agendas. The course will include guest speakers from the fields of law, business and the social sector. Throughout, students will explore the valuable roles that attorneys can and have played in such ventures. Students will be expected to attend, participate actively, present to the class and write reflection papers. Elements used in grading: Reflection Papers.

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