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LAW 681U
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Very generally speaking, we try, as individuals, to avoid injuring people and, collectively, to adopt policies that minimize injury, in the sense that we don't want to make people worse off, in some hedonic sense, or deprive them of options or capacities that we think they ought to have. Moreover, our legal system frequently compensates people who are injured (and therefore must ascertain if, and how badly, they are injured.)What we get the chance to investigate and discuss in this discussion group is what we mean when we say that people are injured by some particular practices or outcomes that might seem, without much reflection, to be obviously injurious. More particularly, we will discuss five issues: (1) In our first session, we will work out the implications of an academic literature that seems to explore what I see to be one of the finest of one-line jokes ("Nothing matters, and what if it did?"). The literature on hedonic adaptation might seem to suggest that we can neither injure others nor improve their lots: very quickly, people return to a (generally mildly positive) fixed equilibrium state even when seemingly very good or very bad things happen to them. We will explore the literature and its limits. (2) In the final four sessions, we will explore four conditions or practices that seem intuitively injurious and problematic and try to figure out more precisely what might be bad about them, or whether they are actually injurious in the ways that we might at first think: we will explore what is injurious about poverty, discrimination, sexual harassment, and even the big one, death. Begin in Winter Quarter and run through Spring Quarter. Class times will be determined: 3 in winter and 2 in spring, on an evening that works for all those enrolled. DISCUSSIONS IN ETHICAL & PROFESSIONAL VALUES COURSES RANKING FORM: To apply for this course, 2L, 3L and Advanced Degree students must complete and submit a Ranking Form available on the SLS website (Click Courses at the bottom of the homepage and then click Consent of Instructor Forms). See Consent Application Form for instructions and submission deadline.

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