Private Equity Investing


Course Code:
LAW 1024
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


(Formerly Law 522) This course will concern itself with the central issues related to private equity investing. The primary pedagogical objective is to have students learn skills and tools used in the private equity arena. We will have a number of guest speakers from around the country during the term, and will use various materials illustrative of what one would encounter in private equity deals and funds. Special Instructions: In order to enroll in Private Equity Investing students must concurrently enroll in PEI: Quantitative Skills Seminar (Law 1025; 1 unit). In other words, no student may enroll in either Law 1024 or Law 1025 without also enrolling in the other. Elements used in grading: Class attendance, participation and written assignments. Consent Application: To apply for this course, students must complete and e-mail the Consent Application Form available on the SLS Registrar's Office website (see Registration and Selection of Classes for Stanford Law Students) to the instructor at See Consent Application Form for submission deadline.

Past Offerings

2015-2016 Winter

Private Equity Investing LAW 522 Section 01 Class #16094

  • 3 Units
  • Enrollment Limitations: Consent 20

Notes: PS -Professional Skills Requirement for Law Degree.

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