Constitutional Law: Religion and the First Amendment


Course Code:
LAW 7007
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


(Formerly Law 602) This course covers the major doctrines and decisions interpreting the provisions of the First Amendment affecting religion, especially the free exercise and establishment clauses. The principal focus is on modern Supreme Court cases and doctrine, but the course also emphasized the historical, philosophical, and theological roots of first amendment principles. Elements used in grading: Final Exam (take-home).

Current Offerings

2016-2017 Winter

Constitutional Law: Religion and the First Amendment LAW 7007 Section 01 Class #31241

  • 4 Units
    • 1L Winter Elective

Notes: One-Day Take-Home Exam. Open to First-Year JD Students.

    • One Day Take Home
    • Self Scheduled
  • Room: Library
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  • Mon Tue Wed
  • Room: Law285
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