David Alan Sklansky

David Alan A Sklansky

David Alan Sklansky

  • Stanley Morrison Professor of Law
  • Faculty Co-Director, Stanford Criminal Justice Center
  • Room N257, Neukom Building


  • Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • Criminal Law (all areas)
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Evidence
  • Plea Bargaining & Juries
  • Prosecutorial Ethics
  • Sentencing & Corrections
Students in Classroom

Policy Practicum: Race, Gender and Prosecution

This policy practicum will focus on the gender and racial diversity of prosecutors’ offices in California. Although police departments have collected and reported data of this kind for decades, no similar information is publicly available for prosecutors, despite the longstanding belief that diversity is important for criminal justice decision makers. Recent controversies around the country about the investigation and prosecution of killings by police officers have only underscored the continued importance of attention to the role that race plays in the administration of justice in our country.

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