David J. Hayes

David J. J Hayes

David J. Hayes

  • Lecturer in Law
  • Room 220, Crown Quadrangle


  • Administrative Law
  • Climate Change Policy
  • Environment & the Law (all areas)
  • Land Use Law
  • Local & State Government
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Policy Analysis
  • Public Policy & Empirical Studies
  • Regulatory Policy
Law & Policy Lab 6

Policy Practicum: Wildlife Trafficking: Stopping the Scourge

This policy lab seminar addressed the international wildlife trafficking crisis, with a focus on legal and policy tools that can help combat the scourge. The price of ivory on black markets has skyrocketed and elephant and rhino populations in Africa are being decimated. At current poaching rates, African elephants could be wiped out within 8 to 10 years. Trafficking also is hitting tigers, great apes, sharks and other important species. The seminar will key into the President’s recent Executive Order on Combating Wildlife Trafficking (E.O. 13658 issued on July 1, 2013), the National Strategy on Wildlife Trafficking and other related international efforts to reduce the killing in host countries, the transshipment of poached materials, and consumer demand for ivory and other wildlife parts.

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