Veterans Research

Veterans Research

client No Client instructors Joseph Bankman, Gabe Ledeen
deliverables Veterans Treatment Courts Conference number of students 7 students (Interdisciplinary)
deadline TBD quarters offered Spring


The Veterans Research Policy Practicum will explore the possibilities for veterans policy research programs at Stanford. The course is open to Stanford students from all departments, and will focus on researching the current disposition of veterans research at academic and research institutions nationwide, with a particular emphasis on entities and individuals engaged in conducting policy research. Through our research, we hope to identify the key entities, offices, and individuals engaged in veterans-related work, what they have studied and are studying, how they are funded, what models they use to operate and conduct research, how they publish their work, what impact their work has on policy and practice, and any other relevant information. Students interested in particular veterans policy issues are encouraged to study related research programs and all students will develop a strong understanding of veterans policy issues, the body of existing research on veterans issues and the current research framework. Students will present their research and findings in a suitable format, and there will be opportunities for students who choose to continue their work after the term.