Intermediary Liability

This practicum will give students an opportunity to research and advise our client on the intersection of intermediary liability, free expression rights, and international human rights instruments.  Our client is the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression to the Organization of American States, currently led by Edison Lanza. We will provide the Office with research and counsel about existing human rights instruments and their relation to pending proposed legislation and other important discussions within the Organization of American States concerning the liability of private online platforms like Facebook or Google for content posted by their users. Students’ work will include researching and summarizing relevant materials from human rights bodies or related transnational organizations, identifying how they relate to specific legal developments or trends the Rapporteur will weigh in on, and advising the Rapporteur on responses and arguments. Students may also have the opportunity to publish their work as part of the Center for Internet and Society’s World Intermediary Liability Map, a leading resource for practitioners and activists in the digital rights area around the world.

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Daphne Keller

Daphne Keller

  • Director of Program on Platform Regulation, Cyber Policy Center
  • Non-Residential Fellow, Center for Internet and Society
  • Lecturer in Law