Mitigating Global Poverty: Designing A SLS Course

This seminar will design a SLS course on mitigating global poverty, which will be taught in 2017-18. The client is Robert Daines, Associate Dean for Global Programs at Stanford Law School. The practicum offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of issues with an eye towards developing a curriculum that includes policies and strategies in different global environments.

We will consider, among other things: the roles of US, European, and multilateral aid agencies and lending institutions; foreign aid, foreign direct investment, and trade policies; the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; the role of foundations and international NGOs; refugees and internally displaced persons; disaster and emergency relief; particular programs aimed at improving health, education, including conditional and unconditional cash transfers; and the promise and limits of technology.

We will read from the major literature and have guest speakers on these subjects. Focusing on particular subjects of their interest, students will produce annotated readings, case studies, and summary outlines for particular topics. Although we will be particularly interested in the role of law and public policy, we will not exclude other approaches to poverty alleviation.

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Paul Brest

Paul Brest

  • Interim Dean
  • Professor of Law, Emeritus
  • Director of Law and Policy Lab
  • Interim Executive Director, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance

Client & Deliverable

  • Client: Robert Daines, Pritzker Professor of Law and Business, Associate Dean for Global Programs, and Senior Faculty for the Rock Center on Corporate Governance at Stanford
  • Deliverable: Curriculum for 2017-18 SLS course