Alcohol Use among Stanford Undergraduates

Cross-listed as Psychiatry 213, 2-3 units

Excessive alcohol consumption among Stanford undergraduates creates health, educational, social, and legal problems for drinkers and for other members of the Stanford community. With the Vice Provost for Student Affairs as the client, this Policy Lab practicum explores the causes, consequences, and practical evidence to assess and address the problem. The interdisciplinary research team will examine practices and data at Stanford and other academic institutions in the context of scholarly studies and general knowledge from medicine, law, psychology, and other social sciences. As one component of formal policy research methods, the team will conduct ethnographic interviews with stakeholders.

Upper-division and graduate students from Law, Medicine, Public Policy, and social science disciplines are encouraged to apply.

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Paul Brest 1

Paul Brest

  • Professor of Law, Emeritus
  • Director of Law and Policy Lab
  • Interim Executive Director, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance

Clients & Deliverables

Alcohol Use among Stanford Undergraduates

Alcohol Use among Stanford Undergraduates 4