Assessing Alternative Approaches to Hate Crimes (807F)

Most states and the federal government have adopted laws enhancing penalties for hate crimes, but questions remain as to the effectiveness of these laws in deterring hate violence and making victims whole.  Some within marginalized and civil rights communities seek alternative—or additional—approaches that do more to address the communal injuries hate crimes inflict, without an exclusive focus on lengthening incarceration for offenders. Yet many of these alternative models, including restorative justice approaches, are undertheorized, rare in practice, and insufficiently assessed.  In conjunction with the Brennan Center for Justice, this policy lab assesses alternative approaches to hate crimes in theory and practice.  Students will work in collaborative teams to analyze existing research in fields including criminal law and criminology, identify innovative hate crimes programs established by nonprofit organizations or local governments, review outcomes related to restorative justice models.

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Partner: Brennan Center for Justice

Deliverables: Oral briefing; policy report; roundtable convening

Assessing Alternative Approaches to Hate Crimes (807F)