The Business of Venture Capital

This course will cover the business of venture capital. We will begin the course with a broad discussion of why venture capital exists, how it works, the role of the LP, and how venture capital firms make investment decisions. Thereafter, we will address term sheets & valuation, managing the lifecycle of a company, and important topics in the governance of early-stage companies (e.g., the rights of common vs. preferred shareholders and ESG).

Course open to GSB students.

LAW 1082 | 2 Units | Grading: Law Mandatory P/R/F

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  • JD 1996, Managing Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Scott Kupor is the managing partner at Andreessen Horowitz, perhaps the largest venture capital firm in the world. He helped found the firm and has overseen its rapid growth, from three employees to 150+ and from $300 million in assets under management to more than $35 billion. He manages the firm's investor relations team, and is responsible for the firm's growth initiatives.