Blockchain @ FutureLaw: What To Know Now and How To Mobilize for the Future

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Wednesday – April 3, 2019
2:00pm – 6:00pm

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On the afternoon before Stanford’s annual FutureLaw gathering, the preeminent conference on the Future of the legal industry and profession, the CodeX Stanford Center for Legal Informatics will be convening an afternoon of education, workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions aimed at FutureLaw attendees: lawyers, in-house counsel, corporate and compliance executives, legal technologists, and investors, seeking to expand their knowledge of the current issues being considered at the intersection of law and distributed ledger technologies; in particular those key elements and concepts to understand for the purposes of serving current and upcoming business and client use-cases, and what legal issues, risks, and opportunities, to be aware of.

These sessions will assume a basic understanding of the core concepts around blockchain technologies; all registered participants will have access to a set of links to recommended primer materials.

The agenda will focus on updates from, and invite involvement from participants into, the various workstreams of the CodeX Blockchain Group and the Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy.


  • The Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law and Policy: Diversity and coherence in regulatory frameworks and approaches to the space.

  • How and why blockchain technologies will potentially impact the enterprise legal community: Understanding the risks and opportunities of prototypes and implementation; and their use in commercial contracts, multi-stakeholder agreements, pre-empting dispute resolution, and more.

  • Blockchain as Regtech: Legal engineering for good corporate citizenship.

    • Data governance, risk-management, and compliance futures.

    • Legal engineering for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Blockchain governance: Policy issues and the assignment of control and liability in the implementation of public and private distributed ledgers — embedding interactions governed through distributed systems within the context of existing legal frameworks.


Speakers to include:

  • Tony Lai
  • Steven Nam
  • Kushagra Shrivastava
  • Michael Schmitz
  • Oliver Goodenough
  • Marvin Ammori
  • Elizabeth Renieris
  • Dazza Greenwood
  • Maryam Salehijam
  • Philippa Ryan
  • Lindsay Lin
  • Ashok Ayyar
  • Richard Levin
  • Cherie Liu
  • Syren Johnstone


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