Breaking the Cycle: Effective responses to child-on-child sexual harm

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Please join us in welcoming Sujatha Balinga and Nicole Pittman for this lunchtime panel event.


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Sujatha Baliga

Vice President and Director, Restorative Justice Project

Sujatha Baliga’s work is characterized by an equal dedication to victims and persons accused of crime. A former victim advocate and public defender, Sujatha was awarded a Soros Justice Fellowship, which she used to organize a successful restorative juvenile diversion program in Alameda County. Sujatha is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences, has been a guest on NPR’s Talk of the Nation and the Today Show, and her work has been profiled in the New York Times Magazine. She often speaks publicly and inside prisons about restorative justice, her personal experiences as a survivor of child sexual abuse, and her path to forgiveness. Today, Sujatha is the director of the Restorative Justice Project at Impact Justice, where she helps communities implement restorative justice alternatives to juvenile detention and zero-tolerance school discipline policies. She is also dedicated to advancing restorative justice to end child sexual abuse and intrafamilial and sexual violence. Sujatha earned her A.B. from Harvard College, her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and has held two federal clerkships.


Nicole Pittman

Vice President and Director, Center on Youth Registration Reform

Stoneleigh and Rosenberg Leading Edge Fellow Nicole Pittman has spent more than a decade challenging the wisdom of registration and notification laws through extensive research in the field, lawyering and advocacy. As a 2011 Soros Senior Justice Advocacy Fellow at Human Rights Watch, Nicole interviewed hundreds of individuals raised on registries across the country to document the emotional and societal toll of subjecting children to this practice. Pittman’s 2013 Human Rights Watch report, Raised on the Registry: The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the US, is the first comprehensive examination of this issue. She’s since used her knowledge to provide expert testimony to at least 30 states and before Congress, while in the process reshaping the public dialogue. Nicole’s goal is unwavering: to eliminate the placement of youth on registries.

Previously, Nicole worked for seven years at the Defender Association of Philadelphia as the Juvenile Justice Policy Analyst Attorney. She has also worked as a staff attorney at the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, the New Orleans Public Defender Office, and the New Orleans Pro Bono Project. Nicole received a JD from Tulane Law School and a BA from Duke University.



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