Jean Monnet EU Law Student Research Fellowship Program

The Jean Monnet EU Law Student Research Fellowship Program is a complementary program for the European Union Law course (LAW 5005) and for directed student research in EU law. Jean Monnet EU Law Research Fellows are students who write an EU law research paper for R credit. Jean Monnet Fellowships help students to make their EU Law education more and better visible nationally and internationally. The Jean Monnet label serves as the European and international standard for the visibility of high-quality teaching and research in EU law and is the most prestigious label for this kind of study initiatives in academia in Europe and internationally.

The Jean Monnet EU Law Student Research Fellowship Program is hosted by the Stanford-Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum and supported by its affiliated Jean Monnet Chair of European Union Law.

For more details, please contact Professor Siegfried Fina, Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law.

Jean Monnet EU Law Research Fellows


Cathrina Altimari-Brown

Research project: Asylum in the European Union: International and EU Law and the Common European Asylum System

Victoria Cadiz

Research project: How Did We End Up Here? An explanation of the European Union in 2017 through an analysis of federalism, neofunctionalism, and intergovernmentalism and the proposal of an amended European integration theory

Yucheng Fan

Research project: Are Language Proficiency Requirements for Taxi Drivers Lawful? A Comparative Study of the European Union and the United States?

Rachel Frank

Research project: Religious Liberty and Mass Expulsion in the European Union

Matt Getz

Research project: Freedom of Religion in Pluralistic Societies: A Comparative Examination of Religious Liberty in the United States and Europe

Hiroki Habuka

Research project: Designing Dispute Settlement Mechanism Under International Economic Agreements Based on the European Union’s Recent Innovations

Natalie Karl

Research project: A Comparison Between Personal Data Breach Notification Requirements Under the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union and California Laws

Jacob Lundqvist

Research project: Signed, Sealed, (Justice) Delivered? E-Signature Law and Consumer Protection Within the European Union

Mirena Taskova

Research project: The Open Road to Personal Data: Implementing the EU’s New Data Portability Right


Claire Chapla

Research project: Regulating the Sharing Economy in the European Union: The Case of Uber and the Freedom to Provide Services

Kimberly Larkin

Research project: Divergent Duties: Complementarity and Crisis in the ECJ’s and ECtHR’s Approaches “Safe Third Country” Legislation within the EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

Antoni Terra

Research project: End-User License Agreements and Their Restrictions on the Resale of Digital Goods: An EU-U.S. Comparative Analysis on Copyright, Antitrust, and Consumer Protection Issues and Law & Economics Policy Discussion on Introducing the Digital First Sale Doctrine

Laura Vittet-Adamson

Research project: Protecting Privacy Through Invalidation: How European Courts have approached European and extraterritorial data privacy

Mengyi Xu

Research project: Legal Uncertainty by Design: Privacy Shield as Catalyst for the Convergence of Data Protection Rules to the GDPR European Gold Standard

Grace Zhou

Research project: Taming the Common Law Chimera? How the EU’s Accession to the ECHR Will Affect the Evolution of Fundamental Rights


Erin Cho

Research project: EU Asylum Law for Unaccompanied Minors

Grace Chuchla

Research project: The European Union and the Right to be Forgotten: A Comparative Analysis of EU and U.S. Privacy Law

Alvaro Fomperosa Rivero

Research project: Right to be Forgotten in the ECJ’s Google Spain Case: the Right Balance of Privacy Rights, Procedure, and Extraterritoriality

Travis Robertson

Research project: Comparative Analysis of the Legal Environment in the European Union and the United States Governing the Practice on Online Behavioral Advertising

Laura Vittet-Adamson

Research project: The European Court of Justice and East African Court of Justice: a Comparative Study

Christopher Zanetis

Research project: Towards Harmony or Dissonance? Transatlantic Rethinking of Data Privacy Protection and the Future of Regulatory Compliance


Jose Aleman

Research project: Transatlantic Coordination of Financial Regulatory Reform: The Case of OTC Derivatives Regulation

Susie Choi

Research project: An Evaluation of the EU Takeover Directive (Thirteenth Directive) Through the Lens of the Harmonization Process

Anna Zeiter

Research project: The New General Data Protection Regulation of the EU and Its Impact on IT Companies in the U.S.


Jose Aleman

Research project: Systemic Risk, Fragmented Power: The Unfinished Business of Financial Regulatory Reform in the European Union

Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Research project: The Role of the European Union in Combating Tax Base Erosion by U.S. Multinationals: Amending the Parent-Subsidiary Directive and the Savings Directive

Elizabeth Do

Research project: Comparison of Law Relating to Abuse of Dominant Position or Monopoly Power in the European Union and United States

Alan Fishman

Research project: Finding Value in the EU-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: Establishing Transatlantic Institutions for Regulatory Harmonization and Adjudication

Christopher Skelton

Research project: Marks of Difference: Contrasting Trademark Law in the European Union and in the United States

Emily Speak

Research project: The European Commission’s Role in WTO Negotiations

Andy Stevenson

Research project: Competition in the European Union Natural Gas Sector: Progress to Date and Implications for Gazprom

Lorraine Weekes

Research project: Towards a More European European Union: The Constitutive Relationship between EU Law and the Cultures of Member States and its Implications for EU Governance and Legitimacy


Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Research project: A New Path Towards Tax Harmonization in the European Union: A Prospective Analysis of the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act’s Effect on EU Tax Policy

Annie Bersagel

Research project: Norway’s Planned Reservation of the Third European Postal Directive and the Future of the European Economic Agreement

Elizabeth Espinosa

Research project: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis: How the EU Legal Structure Limits and Shapes Responses

Lucy Haley

Research project: The Challenges to Lawmaking With Respect to Highly Qualified Immigrants: A Comparison of the European Union and United States

Rob Swanson

Research project: Implementing the EU Unified Patent Court: Lessons from the Federal Circuit


Michael Austin

Research project: A Vigilant Watchdog or a Paper Tiger? An Analysis of the Application of EU State Aid Controls to Bank Bailouts During the Financial Crisis

Gina Di Domenico

Research project: Criminal Law in the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities

Jamie Kendall

Research project: EU and U.S. Competition Law and the Essential Facilities Doctrine: The Comparative Viability of IP Rights as a Defense to Allegations of Abuse of a Dominant Position

Julia Kropp

Research project: Senator Kerry’s Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights: Will the U.S. Follow in the Path of EU Data Privacy Regulations? Should it?

Catherine Morris

Research project: EU and U.S. Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies: The Particular Problems of Transparency and Conflicts of Interest, and a Look to the Future Position of CRAs

Ragnheidur Olafsdottir

Research project: The European Union’s Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis

Andrew Schupanitz

Research project: “Creating Europe”: The History of European Integration and the Changing Role of EU Competition Law


Michael Austin

Research project: Style or Substance? An Analysis of the Major Reforms to CFSP by the Treaty of Lisbon

Richard Barbour II

Research project: The European Commission’s Merger Proceedings: Legal Framework and Merger Analysis

Aaron Kleven

Research project: Facing the Financial Crisis: For a More Secure Future, the European Union Must Expand its Supranational Powers

Nicholas Reed

Research project: From GE/Honeywell to Oracle/Sun: A Comparative Analysis of EU and U.S. Merger Regimes as Relates to Mergers between U.S. Based Companies