About the Steyer-Taylor Center

Innovate. Teach. Connect.

The Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance explores and advances public policies and financial mechanisms leading to an energy future that protects the environment in an economically sensible way.

Specifically, the center aims to:

  • Design and execute a suite of research projects demonstrating how to enable an environmentally and economically secure energy future.
  • Advance knowledge and discourse by publishing the results of this research in high-impact articles in both academic and popular media.
  • Expand and support the unique intellectual and entrepreneurial talents of Stanford faculty and students committed to energy policy and finance.
  • Provide critical expertise to policymakers, financiers, investors and consumers on energy policy and finance proposals.

The Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance was established in 2010 by Stanford alumni husband-and-wife team Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor.