Graduation 2011

On June 11th, 2011, more than 1,500 people were on hand to witness the Stanford Law School graduation ceremony in Canfield Courtyard.

The ceremony included 193 candidates for the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence, 51 for Master of Laws degrees-20 in the area of Corporate Governance & Practice, 20 in the area of Law, Science & Technology, and 11 for International Economic Law, Business & Policy. Additionally, 12 graduates were awarded the degree of Master of the Science of Law, four were awarded degrees in the Doctor of the Science of Law, and two graduates were awarded a Master of Legal Studies degree.

George Fisher, Judge John Crown Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Director of Stanford Law School’s Criminal Prosecution Clinic, was awarded the John Bingham Hurlbut Award for Excellence in Teaching. During his address he urged graduates to use their courage of conscience as they embark on their legal careers.

“You will face pressures like those I faced-pressure to please your boss or client, pressures to succeed or burnish your pride,” he said. “Sometimes those pressures will accord with your conscience and the governing rules of ethics. When they do not, take pause. Set aside the pressures of the moment. Then walk ten steps down the road and look back at yourselves. Don’t leave yourself wondering, as I did, why your courage went wanting.”