Graduation 2013

Stanford Law School Class of 2013

M. Elizabeth Magill, Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Dean, welcomed the 1,500 or so family and friends of the JD and Advanced Degree recipients to the ceremony at Canfield Courtyard and introduced the first of two student speakers, Olivia Henrietta Claire Jackson, who was selected by the international students to deliver remarks.

Noting that this was one of the largest international classes that the Law School has had, Jackson ticked off the ways in which they had been immersed in American culture during their stay in Palo Alto – some forming rock bands, others learning beach volleyball or cheerleading at football games, one Chinese student even joining the Stanford marching band.

Jackson marveled at the close ties she and her classmates had formed with international and American students alike – and the globalization of the Stanford Law community.

“We have all served as ambassadors here for our own countries and leave now as ambassadors for the law school. Ambassadors don’t just provide insights into local cultures and the detail of otherwise incomprehensible local law; they also make you feel at home. You have welcomed us into your community. I invite you now to allow us to reciprocate your welcome. Know that you can call on friends and colleagues scattered across the world.”


“Law School grads are urged to celebrate and inspire their sense of community” Stanford Report, June 15, 2013





Photos (available on Flickr)

Dean Magill


2013 SLS Graduation Photo
2013 SLS Graduation Photo
2013 SLS Graduation Photo
2013 SLS Graduation Photo
2013 SLS Graduation Photo
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