‘A kind of reset’: Killings and shootings in Oakland, East Bay ease slightly in 2022 after violent, two-year stretch


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January 1, 2023
East Bay Times
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Dialing back crime rates to the lower levels seen in the late 2010s may take far longer than city leaders wish, said Robert Weisberg, a professor of law and criminal justice at Stanford University.

“If this indicates a trend — a downward trend — it’s going to go downward very slowly,” Weisberg said.

“We’re still pretty high,” Weisberg said. “I don’t know — is it possible the pandemic caused certain social stresses that will last for a long time after the pandemic really ends?”

“It’s a kind of reset,” Weisberg said. “Overall, we’re probably moving back in the direction of the pre-pandemic average, but maybe slowly. It will take a while.”

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