California Cops Will Be Trained To Avoid Bias


Publish Date:
April 20, 2015
San Francisco Chronicle
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The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a program being crafted by Professor Jennifer Eberhardt to help correct implicit biases held by police officers.

California will establish the country’s first certified program to train law enforcement officers to avoid unconscious bias, an effort to improve relations with communities that suspect police often use racial profiling when making stops and using force, state Attorney General Kamala Harris said Friday.

The announcement in Los Angeles followed a three-month review of the law enforcement division of the state Department of Justice, which Harris heads.

The new training program was developed with the help of the Oakland and Stockton police departments, the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, which mandates how all officers in the state must be trained, and Jennifer Eberhardt, a Stanford University professor and expert on implicit bias in law enforcement.

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