Former VP Dan Quayle Joins Panetta Institute’s Congressional Internship Program


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August 8, 2016
Santa Cruz Sentinel
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Former Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta will again lead The Panetta Institute for Public Policy’s Congressional Internship Program, which begins with a two-week course designed to prepare participating students for their fall semester of work in the Washington offices of the California congressional delegation.

The orientation courses are the first part of the 13-week hands-on learning experience designed to prepare students for their work in Washington, D.C., the orientation allows students to engage in small seminar style courses with top experts, former elected officials and Panetta.

Among the many experts participating in this year’s class of students are: former Vice President Dan Quayle; Ron Brownstein, best-selling author and Atlantic Media Co.’s editorial director for strategic partnerships; Dan Balz, best-selling author and reporter for The Washington Post; and David Mills, professor, Stanford Law School.

• David Mills, professor, Stanford Law School and co-chair, Board of Directors, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, will teach on criminal justice reform.

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