Harvard Law School Alumni, Faculty Examine The Access To Justice Gap In Latest Issue Of Daedalus


Publish Date:
January 28, 2019
Harvard Law Today
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The Winter 2019 issue of Dædalus, a publication of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences focuses on how the U.S. can address the access to justice gap. “Access to Justice”–the first open access issue of Dædalus–features twenty-four essays that examine the national crisis in civil legal services facing poor and low-income Americans: from the challenges of providing quality legal assistance to more people, to the social and economic costs of an often unresponsive legal system, to the opportunities for improvement offered by new technologies, professional innovations, and fresh ways of thinking about the crisis.

The collection of essays represents a deep cross-section of ideas from leading experts in the field, including Harvard Law School alumni and faculty.

Robert W. Gordon ’71, Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and Chancellor Kent Professor Emeritus of Law and Legal History and Professor (Adjunct) of Law at Yale Law School: Lawyers, the Legal Profession & Access to Justice in the United States: A Brief History.

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