Health Costs Lost On Many Americans


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February 25, 2010
American Public Media - Marketplace
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Professor Daniel Kessler discusses health care costs with Marshall Genzer of American Public Media:

Bob Moon: Tempers flared at times as President Obama and congressional Republicans faced off on health care today. But despite — or perhaps because of — the seemingly never-ending drama, a lot of Americans are greeting the debate with a shrug. Maybe because most of us just don’t feel the full impact of soaring health care costs.

From Washington, Marketplace’s Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

DANIEL KESSLER: Nobody really cares about cost. And when that happens, then you get to where we are today.

That’s Daniel Kessler. He teaches business and law at Stanford University. He says if people don’t have to think about cost, they’re more likely to ask for expensive tests that may not be necessary, and press for high-priced prescription drugs they’ve seen advertised on TV.

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