How California Keeps Blocking Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks


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July 28, 2019
Chicago Tribune (The Mercury News)
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California’s sweeping deal with four major automakers last week to boost gas mileage standards and cut tailpipe emissions wasn’t the first time the Golden State has outmaneuvered the Trump administration, which has been planning instead to loosen pollution rules for car companies nationwide.

Rather than a one-time tactic, the agreement announced Thursday between the state and Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW is the latest in a growing list of ways that California has blunted, blocked or shut down entirely nearly all of the Trump administration’s major efforts to rewrite environmental policies in California from the moment he took office.

“California is showing that it is nimble and able to outwit and outlast the administration in Washington,” said Michael Wara, a Stanford University environmental law professor.

“That’s part of what infuriates the Trump administration,” he added. “People in California are basically saying, ‘We’ll be here when you are gone.'”

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