Judges allow companies to conceal damaging details about products. Could that change in CA?


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July 28, 2022
Sacramento Bee
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“Judges have busy dockets and they need to keep cases moving,” said Jason Solomon, who works for Stanford’s Center on the Legal Profession. “So if lawyers agree on something generally, it makes sense for judges to go along with it.”

Late summer is a tough period for passing legislation. The home stretch before the Aug. 31 adjournment will be packed with bills waiting for votes. If it becomes law, SB 1149 will significantly alter the judicial system’s relationship with citizens, according to Jason Solomon, who works at Stanford’s Center on the Legal Profession. It would mean that lawyers have “an ethical obligation” to the public. “What’s at stake here is whether the public interest is going to be represented in court proceedings that really affect critical issues of public health and safety,” Solomon said.

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