Law Professor Charles Reich, Author Of ‘Greening Of America,’ Dies At 91


Publish Date:
July 5, 2019
The New York Times
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Half a century ago, Yale law school professor Charles Reich wrote a million-seller book that had the country talking.

It was called “The Greening of America” and it was full of history and philosophy and predictions about America’s future, all wrapped up with something that Reich called Consciousness I, II and III.

“He was brilliant, and he was respectful and warm, in a positive way,” recalled retired Stanford Law School professor Michael Wald, his longtime friend and former student. “It was a real treat to be in his class. Almost every day, at the end of class, his students stood and applauded.”

Of his book’s fall from popularity, Wald said, Reich had little time or inclination to be sad.

“The book had a big impact, and then the world changed,” Wald said. “It moved in a different direction.”

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