Law School Appoints New Dean


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July 26, 2012
The Stanford Daily
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Stanford Law School’s new dean Mary Elizabeth Magill was featured by Stanford Daily’s news staff following the announcement.

Mary Elizabeth Magill will replace Larry Kramer as the dean of the Stanford University Law School on Sept. 1, Provost John Etchemendy announced July 24.

In the past, Magill has held positions including vice dean of the University of Virginia School of Law from 2009 to 2012, the Elizabeth D. and Richard A. Merrill Professor at UVA and the Joseph Weintraub-Bank of America Distinguished Professor of Law.

Her predecessor, Kramer, who has been dean since 2004, will step down from his position to assume the role of president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, a Menlo Park-based philanthropic organization focused on solving social and environmental problems around the world

“We are thrilled to have found someone who will be a worthy successor to Larry Kramer,” said Law Professor Mark Kelman, who chaired the committee to find Kramer’s replacement, to the Stanford Report. “[Magill] is not just a superb scholar with an expansive and creative vision for the future of legal education and the profession; she is someone who will connect instantly and deeply with faculty, students, staff, alumni and the broader University community.

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