Mock trial, judges teach students about American judiciary


Publish Date:
October 19, 2021
Chico Enterprise-Record
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In his presentation, Cuellar talked about what lawyers and judges do and explained aspects of the judicial system in his presentation. He asked the kids questions, such as, “How many cases are tried in the California state system every year?” and took questions from the students. One student asked what Cuellar thought about people who are found guilty, and whether he contemplated other professions.

Cuellar laughed and said that when he was young, other kids his age said that he should be a lawyer because he liked to argue.

Cuellar said thousands of cases are brought to the California Supreme Court per year but only about 100 are chosen for the justices to hear.

The students asked lighthearted as well as serious questions, such as what Cuellar’s favorite food is and whether he likes to eat Hot Pockets.

After Cuellar’s presentation, he remained online to watch the mock trial. Several students played the different courtroom roles and some even dressed the part. They read their parts from two different mock trial scripts.

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