Women And The Legal Profession: Four Common Obstacles Faced By Female Lawyers


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January 13, 2017
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We say we live in a modern society, but gender inequality is still evident in several professions, including law. According to data published by the American Bar Association’s Market Research Department in April 2016, women comprised only 36 percent of legal professionals in the country. Though the number of women is growing in private law firms as well as the judiciary, they don’t have equal access to senior positions. The working environment and office hours in most law firms are still more suitable to male lawyers compared to their female counterparts.

Women entering the legal profession have to face a multitude of obstacles to pursue a successful career. “Three issues continue to be the biggest obstacles to a woman’s advancement in the legal profession. They are traditional sexual stereotypes, inflexible workplace structures, and inadequate access to mentoring,” says Deborah Rhode, Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law, Stanford University (California). Women also have to face problems such as inequality in pay and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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