Bhutan Law and Policy Project

The Stanford Law School Bhutan Law & Policy Project (BLPP) provides an opportunity for SLS students to engage in the legal development process of Bhutan, a country that seeks to emerge from isolation and develop economically while maintaining its cultural values. BLPP works in collaboration with the Kingdom of Bhutan to serve the needs of Bhutanese government and community stakeholders on a range of legal, development, and institutional issues. Specific projects include expanding and improving Bhutan’s dispute resolution system (including traditional court, mediation, and arbitration options) to respond to new and greater demands, and working with Bhutan’s Ministry of Education to improve its formal civic education program and to develop legal education in the country.

BLPP members work under the guidance of the Royal Education Council of Bhutan and the Supreme Court of Bhutan. BLPP students and faculty conduct in-depth project research and analyses throughout the academic year on social, economic, and legal conditions in Bhutan, as well as on international experiences with legal institutions and development. BLPP members also travel to Bhutan at certain intervals to solidify relationships with project partners, contextualize research materials, conduct interviews with stakeholders, and prepare future project plans.