Cross-Cultural Lawyering and Religion: A Clinical Perspective


Publish Date:
October 23, 2018
Publication Title:
Clinical Law Review
Journal Article Volume 25 Issue 1 Page(s) 223-268
  • James A. Sonne, Cross-Cultural Lawyering and Religion: A Clinical Perspective, 25 Clinical Law Review 223 (2018).
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This Article addresses an increasingly important yet frequently overlooked dynamic in the training and practice of lawyers: the centrality of religion as a cross-cultural factor. For although cross-cultural competency has rightly become a norm of contemporary legal training and practice, religion has been largely unexplored—to the distinct detriment of marginalized clients and those who serve them. The discussion below fills that gap by showing how religion fits the professional norm, and why it is vital to cross-cultural learning generally and the protection of religious minorities in particular.