No. 74: Markets, Competition, and Fairness in the EU


Publish Date:
February 3, 2023
Publication Title:
European Union [EU] Law Working Papers
Stanford Law School
Working Paper
  • Giuseppe Colangelo & Eliana Garces, Markets, Competition, and Fairness in the EU, EU Law Working Papers No. 74, Stanford-Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum (2023).
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Fairness considerations are increasingly evoked in economic policy and have become part of the current conversation on the objectives of competition policy. While fairness is undoubtedly an acceptable objective by itself and has its place in the history of economic regulation, its treatment in competition policy has been carefully conceptualized over the years with disciplined attempts to characterize the processes that are conducive to fair or unfair outcomes.
As fairness has found its way through recent EU regulatory interventions, the paper aims at analyzing the evolution of the concept of fairness in the EU competition policy.