Philosophical Legal Ethics: Ethics, Morals, and Jurisprudence


  • William Simon
  • Alice Woolley
  • Bradley W. Wendel
  • Stephen Pepper
  • Daniel Markovits
  • Katherine R. Kruse
Publish Date:
July 22, 2010
Publication Title:
Stanford Public Law Working Paper
Working Paper
  • Alice Woolley, W. Bradley Wendel, William H. Simon, Stephen Pepper, Daniel Markovits, and Katherine R. Kruse, Philosophical Legal Ethics: Ethics, Morals, and Jurisprudence, Legal Ethics/UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper, No. 10-21/Stanford Public Law Working Paper, No. 1646558 (2010).


The authors and moderator David Luban participated in a plenary session of the International Legal Ethics Conference IV, held at Stanford. Each author answered and discussed questions arising from short papers they had written about the principal concern of legal ethics was the morality of lawyers, the morality of clients, or the morality of laws?

Those papers, which are to be published in Legal Ethics, are compiled here, along with the question and background information with which the panelists were provided.