The Future of DTC Genomics and the Law


Publish Date:
April 28, 2020
Publication Title:
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
Journal Article Volume 48 Issue 1 Page(s) 151-160
  • Henry T. Greely, The Future of DTC Genomics and the Law, 48 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 160 (2020) (DOI: 10.1177/1073110520917003).
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Direct-to-Consumer (“DTC”) genomics has been a controversial topic for over a decade. Much work has been done on the legal issues it raises. This article asks a different question: What will DTC genomics and its legal issues look like in ten to twenty years? After discussing the five current uses of DTC genomics, it describes three current legal issues: medical uses, privacy of genomic information, and privacy in collection and analysis of human DNA. It then suggests that changes in human genomics and how it is used will make the first of those DTC genomics legal issues less important in the future, but that the third will be increasingly significant.