The Patent Crisis and How Courts Can Solve It


Publish Date:
April 15, 2009
University of Chicago Press
Place of Publication:
Book, Whole
  • Dan L. Burk and Mark A. Lemley, The Patent Crisis and How Courts Can Solve It, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009.
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Patent law is crucial to encourage technological innovation. But as the patent system currently stands, diverse industries from pharmaceuticals to software to semiconductors are all governed by the same rules even though they innovate very differently. The result is a crisis in the patent system, where patents calibrated to the needs of prescription drugs wreak havoc on information technologies and vice versa. According to Dan L. Burk and Mark A. Lemley in this book from the University of Chicago Press, courts should use the tools the patent system already gives them to treat patents in different industries differently. Industry tailoring is the only way to provide an appropriate level of incentive for each industry.