Transparency and Accountability in California’s Regional Center System


  • Alison D. Morantz
  • Carly Hite
  • Joshua Altman
  • Julia Bodson
  • Tom Rutter
  • Alex Magnuson
  • Evan Lehmann
Publish Date:
January 24, 2020
Publication Title:
Transparency and Accountability in California's Regional Center System
Place of Publication:
  • Carly Hite, Joshua Altman, Julia Bodson, Tom Rutter, Alex Magnuson, Evan Lehmann, & Alison Morantz, Transparency and Accountability in California's Regional Center System, Stanford Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law and Policy Project (SIDDLAPP), January 24, 2020.
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This report examines transparency and accountability in California’s regional center system, which provides services and supports to individuals with substantial intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). First, to explore existing levels of systemic transparency, we consider different institutional actors’ compliance with statutes that mandate the disclosure of information to government and nonprofit entities; statutes that require disclosures to the public on internet websites; and statutes that mandate disclosures to the public upon request. Second, we assess the adequacy of current accountability provisions that empower individuals and institutions, respectively, to enforce the provisions of state law.  Finally, we propose a number of reforms that we believe could improve overall levels of transparency and accountability in the regional center system, thus helping to safeguard the Lanterman Act’s historic legacy.