Working Trees

Working Trees’ mission is to grow trees where the interests of farmers and the climate overlap. Incorporating trees into agricultural systems can yield production benefits while storing significant carbon, but adoption has been limited due to cashflow: tree planting has upfront costs, while benefits are years in the future. Carbon markets have the potential to bridge this gap, but measurement and verification is currently expensive, limiting participation to landowners with 1,000+ acres. Working Trees’ technology leverages smartphone cameras and LiDAR, satellite remote sensing data, and machine learning models to democratize access to carbon markets for landowners of all sizes by focusing on high-quality ground-truth data collection. Their measurement technology is operational, and they have conducted a double-blind validation of the technology to show it works. Working Trees launched the first agroforestry carbon project in the US with farms in Tennessee and Arkansas and a guaranteed buyer of carbon credits. They have received grants from the USDA and are currently evaluating ~130,000 acres of inbound interest from farms.