Stanford Law School Effective Altruism (SLSEA)

Effective Altruism is a philosophy and social movement focused on answering one question: How can we best help others? Our resources are limited, so we have to use them wisely. Effective altruism is the project of: (1) Using evidence and reason to find the most promising causes to work on, and (2) taking action, by using our time and money to do the most good we can.

Stanford Law School Effective Altruism (SLSEA) aims to connect Stanford Law School students interested in the philosophy of Effective Altruism with each other and with the broader Effective Altruism community, to explore with our members how lawyers and law students can effectively do good in their legal careers, and to provide the broader Stanford Law School community with access to engaging events and guests related to the intersections of Effective Altruism and the law.


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2022-2023 Board Members

Kiran Chawla
Eli Barrish
Jesse Shulman

Financial Officer
Eli Barrish