Alumni Activities 3


The annual State Bar luncheon for Stanford Law School was held September 27 at the Casa Munras Hotel in Monterey, in conjunction with the California State Bar Convention. Over 200 alumni from all over California attended. Hon. Stanley Mosk, Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court, was the keynote speaker. He addressed the group on the legal implications of Propositions 14 and 15. Introductory remarks were given by Dean Bayless Manning and Jerome I. Braun ’53 president of the Stanford Law Society of Northern California and Nevada.


The Stanford Law Society of Colorado was enchartered at a dinner meeting at Denver’s University Club on September 20. The Dean presented the Society’s charter. Professor Jack Friedenthal was the evening’s main speaker. Members of the Executive Committee included: Frederick K. Green ’63, chairman; Craig S. Barnes ’62; Joseph E. Cook ’52; Georgios Dikeou ’64; D. Monte Pascoe ’60.


The Stanford Law Society of San Diego-Imperial held a dinner meeting on October 16 at the Bahia Hotel in San Diego. Guest speaker for the evening was Professor Thomas Ehrlich.

On April 2 Professor John Kaplan was the Society’s guest at a cocktail reception. Mr. Kaplan was in San Diego to attend a meeting of the American Trial Lawyers Association


Professor Howard Williams was the guest of the Stanford Law Society of New York at a reception on November 2. Mr. Williams discussed recent developments at the Law School. A luncheon of the Society was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the New York State Bar Association on January 26. The luncheon was held at the Yale Club. Bob Keller attended.


At a luncheon meeting November 3 the Law Society of the State of Washington was enchartered. Dean Manning presented the charter to President George V. Willoughby, Jr. ’58. Other officers of the new Society are: Barry H. Biggs 60, vice-president· William G. Pusch ’60, secretary; Walter W. Eyer ’64, treasurer. On March 22 the Society held a luncheon meeting at the Rainier Club in Seattle. Professor Marc Franklin was the featured speaker. George V. Willoughby 58 was in charge of arrangements.

Alumni Activities 4


On November 3 the Stanford Law Society of Oregon held a dinner meeting at Bart’s Wharf, Portland. Professor John Merryman attended as the evening’s speaker. The affair was arranged by Judge William Dale, Jr. ’48, current president of the Society.


Professor Bryon Sher was the keynote speaker at a dinner meeting of the Stanford Law Society of Utah on November 9. Mr. Sher spoke on commercial law courses offered at the School. The event was arranged by Reed A. Watkins ’56, president of the Society.


On November 10 the Stanford Law Society of Arizona held a luncheon at the Arizona Club in Phoenix. Professor William Baxter spoke. Dean Manning attended. Edward F. Lowry ’54 president, was in charge of arrangements.


The Stanford Law Society of the Greater East Bay was enchartered at a dinner at Mike Lynn’s restaurant in Orinda on November 14. Dean Manning presented the Society’s charter, bylaws were adopted and officers were elected. They are: Calvin T. Goforth 56 president; Charles J. Morehouse 64 vice-president and program chairman; Howard H. Bell 50, secretary.

A luncheon March 11 at the University Club in Oakland was the occasion of the first regular meeting of the Society. Guest speaker was Professor Howard Williams. Charles Morehouse ’64, the Society’s vice president and program chairman, arranged the event.


The Stanford Law Society of Southern California has begun a program of graduate-professor exchanges. On November 27, after a dinner at the University Club in Los Angeles, Professor Gerald Gunther was the first guest. In order to maintain a small and informal atmosphere, reservations were limited to fifty persons. Society President George E. Bodle 33 was in charge of the arrangements. On March 7 Professor John Kaplan was the Society’s second guest.


The Stanford Law Society of Nevada was enchartered at a dinner meeting December 1 at the Holiday Hotel in Reno. Assistant Dean Bob Keller presented the charter bylaws were adopted and elections held. Professor Charles Meyers was the guest speaker for the evening. Officers for the new Society are: Procter R. Hug ’58, president; Chauncey G. Griswold ’61 vice-president; Samuel W. Belford ’62, secretary; F. DeArmond Sharp ’63, treasurer.

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