PETER BAIRD LLB ’66 BASED MUCH OF HIS RECENTLY PUBLISHED NOVEL BEYOND PELELIU ON HIS LIFE AND PROFESSIONAL CAREER. In this work of fiction chronicling a World War II veteran’s family through several generations, Baird tells the story of a soldier scarred by his service during a battle on the Pacific island of Peleliu, who later struggles with life as a husband and father in rural Utah. The main character’s son, a Stanford Law School graduate practicing in San Francisco, comes to terms with his father’s behavior when he watches him struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Baird told the Salt Lake City Deseret News that he hopes it “will help boomers and pre-boomers whose fathers fought in that war start to understand what happened and why they came back the way they did, and how it impacted us and impacted our kids.”

Law school alumni who purchase the book should e-mail Peter Baird at with their name and graduating class, the date of purchase, name and address of the vendor, and price paid for the book. Baird will then contribute a share of the royalties to the law school.