The Board of Visitors of the Stanford School of Law, appointed by the president of the University, has, since, its inception, provided the School with an important source of counsel and communication with alumni. This year’s annual meeting of the board was held at the School on Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2. Thirty-two Members of the board attended the meeting. The parents of five current law students invited as visitors to the board meeting were also on hand.

Board of Visitors Annual Meeting

The Members and parents attending reviewed the present state and future plans of the School through extensive discussions with the dean, faculty, and students. The observed at first hand two days in the life of the School.

On Friday, Board Members and parents lunched at the University’s new Faculty Club, opened in September 1965. That evening, they had dinner at Rickey’s Hyatt House, where Professor Gerald Gunther of the law faculty spoke on “The Marshall Court and the Warren Court: Strategy and Timing in Constitutional Adjudication.” Dean and Mrs. Manning entertained visitors and their wives for luncheon at their home on Saturday.

The board met under the chairmanship of Judge Murray Draper ’30. As next year’s officers, the board elected John Lauritzen ’32 chairman and Deane F. Johnson ’42 vice-chairman. The newly elected executive committee will be, in addition to Messrs. Lauritzen and Johnson, C. Wendelll Carlsmith ’28, Stuart L. Kadison ’48, Frank K. Richardson ’38, Keith E. Taylor ’54, and, ex officio, Judge Draper. They will take office September 1, 1966.

During the two-day period, Members who also serve on the executive committee of the Stanford Law Fund, Members who are members of the executive committee of the Friends of the Law Library, and representatives of the law societies of Superior California, of Southern California, of Northern California, of Utah, and of San Diego-Imperial held separate meetings to discuss future plans of their organizations.

Board of Visitors Annual Meeting 1
Visitors enjoy a coffee break in the Law School lounge.
Augustus Mack ’28, facing camera, talks with Assistant
Dean Thomas Robinson. Richard Carver ’57 is at left, rear.
George K. Smith ’27, left, and Professor John Hurlbut ’34 at the Mannings’ luncheon.
Jack Laney ’42, left, George Whitney ’39, and Laurence Weinberg ’33, at the Mannings’.

New members attending the meeting were: William H. Allen ’56, Robert N. Blewett ’39, Jerome I. Braun ’53, George L. Buland A.B. ’16 (reed), LL.B. ’19 (Columbia), richard Carver ’57, Allan E. Charles ’27, James T. Danaher ’58, Chesley M. Douglas ’27, A. Stevens Halsted, Jr. A.B. ’29, LL.B. ’32 (Harvard), Frederick H. Hawkins, Jr. ’34, Roderick M. Hills ’55, Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. A.B. ’35, LL.B. ’38 (Harvard), Seth D. Montgomery ’65, and George K. Smith ’27.

Incumbent Members attending the meeting were: John M. Brenner ’47, C. Wendell Carlsmith ’28, John M. Cranston ’32, George I. Devor A.B. ’22, LL.B. ’25 (Harvard), Judge Murray Draper ’30, Melvin L. Hawley ’52, Albert T. Henley ’41, Judge Shirley M. Hufstedler ’49, Stuart L. Kadison ’48, Jack H. Laney ’42, John B. Lauritzen ’32, Augustus R Mack, Jr. ’28, Austin H. Peck, Jr. ’38, Frank K. Richardson ’38, Keith E. Taylor ’54, James B. Tucker, Jr. ’49, Laurence M. Weinberg ’33, and George H. Whitney ’39.

Board of Visitors Annual Meeting 2
Column 1, top to bottom:
Mrs. Keith Taylor, Assistant Dean Robert Keller ’58, and Keith Taylor ’54.
Frederick Hawkins ’34, left, John Bannister, father of John Bannister, Jr. ’66, and Professor John Hurlbut ’34.
Column 2, top to bottom: Mrs. James Danaher, left, James Danaher ’58, and Edward Huddleson.
Mrs. Allan Charles, left, Allan Charles ’27, and Mr. and Mrs. George Buland.


Board of Visitors Annual Meeting 3
Top to bottom:
Judge Murray Draper ’30, left, outgoing chairman of the
board, talks with John Lauritzen ’32, incoming chairman.
Mrs. Melvin Hawley, left, Professor Thomas Ehrlich,
Mrs. Thomas Ehrlich, and Melvin Hawley ’52.
John Cranston ’32, left, George K. Smith .’27,
and Frank Richardson ’35.