Board of Visitors Meeting at the School

The Law School’s Board of Visitors held its annual meeting at the School April 4 and 5. Members of the Board registered for the two-day meeting on Thursday morning and met in committees until luncheon which was served at the Barristers Pub to the members of the Board and of the faculty members of the Law Fund Committee not on the Board and a group of students. In the afternoon a general meeting of the entire Board heard the Dean and other from the School peak on the state of the School and plans for the new Law School building.

Board of Visitors Meeting at the School 1

The Board of Visitors banquet was held Thursday evening at Rickey’ Hyatt House. Special guests included the lawyer-member of the University Board of Trustees; Richard Lyman provost of the University; Daryl Pearson, general secretary of the University. A dinner of the Board members’ wives was hosted by the Law Students’ Wives Association at the home of Assistant Dean Robert Keller. Helen Keller and Brigitte Mansfield, wife of Chuck Mansfield ’68, were in charge of arrangements.

Board of Visitors Meeting at the School 2

Board members met in a plenary session Friday morning and heard members of the Legal Aid Society discuss the group’s internship program. Professors Charles Meyers and Herbert Packer discussed the futures of the legal profession and of legal education. Friday luncheon for Board members and their wives, faculty members and their wives and the heads of student organizations was held at the Manning home.

The Board met for a final session Friday afternoon. They heard the reports of the Board’s Executive Committee, Law Society Presidents’ Committee, Friends of the Law Library Committee and Law Fund Committee. Elections were held. Executive Committee members for 1968-69 are: Allan E. Charles ’27, chairman; Najeeb Halaby (Yale ’38); Deane F. Johnson ’42, ex officio; Stuart Kadison ’48; Robert A. Keller ’58, secretary; John B. Lauritzen ’32, ex officio; George L. Vargas ’34.

Board of Visitors Meeting at the School 3