The Board of Visitors held its annual meeting at the School on Apri1 21, 22 and 23. Following committee meetings on Wednesday evening, Martin Anderson, chairman of the Board of Visitors, on Thursday introduced Bayless Manning who opened the session with a report on the state of the Law School.

Associate Dean J. Keith Mann talked with members of the Board about the Law faculty and the Law School curriculum. He was followed by a panel of constitutional law professors-Paul A. Brest, William Cohen, Gerald Gunther and Richard S. Markovits-and then Professor William F. Baxter, and Marvin T. Tepperman, a lecturer at the School.

Professor and Dean-designate Thomas Ehrlich joined Professors Charles J. Meyers and Kenneth E. Scott in remarks on the work of the law faculty outside Stanford University.

E. Howard Brooks, Vice Provost, and James V. Siena ’61, Legal Adviser to the President of the University, rounded out the forum with remarks on the law faculty’s involvement in affairs of the University.

The Honorable John D. Ehrlichman ’51, Assistant to the President of the United States for Domestic Affairs, spoke at the Board of Visitors Annual Banquet on Thursday evening. The dinner was also the occasion of a presentation by the Board to Dean Manning of an illuminated globe and a set of the Encyclopedia Americana.

The Friday sessions were focused on student activities beginning with the Clinical Seminar in Prosecution as explained by Professor John Kaplan, Adam von Dioszeghy ’70, Teaching Fellow, and Robert M. Haddock ’71. Irwin Schwartz ’71 and Barbara Dray ’72 conducted a discussion with other students and Board members of the functions of the Legal Aid Society. The rest of the meeting was devoted to a colloquy about the School between members of the Board and members of the Law School faculty and administration.

A complete accounting of the meeting will appear in the annual Board of Visitors Report.