The intellectual life at Stanford Law School was particularly vibrant this past year, as evidenced by the sampling of the faculty’s published work that follows.


Janet Cooper Alexander (MA ’73) Frederick I. Richman Professor of Law 

ARTICLES: “Procedural Design and Terror Victim Compensation,” 53 DePaul Law Review 627 (Winter, 2003)


Barbara Allen Babcock Judge John Crown Professor of Law, Emerita 

ARTICLES: “Hiibel Revisited: Apocalyptic Constitutional Moment Ahead,” Slate (March 10, 2004)


Joseph Bankman Ralph M. Parsons Professor of Law and Business 

ARTICLES: “Terminating Tax Shelters: Has California Broken the Legislative Logjam?” with Daniel Simmons, 101 Tax Notes 1111 (December 1, 2003)


R. Richard Banks (BA/MA ’87) Professor of Law and Justin M. Roach, Jr. Faculty Scholar

ARTICLES: “Race, Policing, and the Drug War,” 56 Stanford Law Review 571 (December 2003) • “Racial Profi ling and Antiterrorism Efforts,” 89 Cornell Law Review 1201 (2004) • “The Benign-Invidious Asymmetry in Equal Protection Analysis,” Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly (forthcoming) 

PRESENTATIONS: “Brown v. Board of Education: 50 Years Later,” (panel) 38 Stanford Lawyer 20 (Spring 2004) • Conservatism in Black America, (forum) (February 24, 2004), sponsored by the Black Law Students Association, Stanford Law School


John H. Barton ’68 George E. Osborne Professor of Law, Emeritus 

ARTICLES/BOOK CHAPTERS: “New International Arrangements in Intellectual Property and Competition Law,” in Economics, Law and Intellectual Property: Seeking Strategies for Research and Teaching in a Developing Field, Ove Granstrand, editor, Kluwer Academic Publishers (2003) • “Issues posed by a world patent system,” 7 Journal of International Economic Law 341, also being published in International Public Goods & Transfer of Technology under a Globalized Intellectual Property Regime, Maskus and Reichman, editors, Cambridge (2004) • “The international video industry: Principles for vertical agreements and integration,” 22 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 67 (2004) • “TRIPS and the global pharmaceutical market,” 23 Health Affairs 146 (May/June 2004)


William Cohen C. Wendell and Edith M. Carlsmith Professor of Law, Emeritus 

BOOKS: 2004 SUPPLEMENTS TO CASEBOOKS: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberty and Individual Rights, with David Danelski, Foundation Press (2004) • Constitutional Law Cases and Materials, with John Varat, Foundation Press (2004) • The First Amendment: Constitutional Protection of Expression and Conscience, Foundation Press (2004)


G. Marcus Cole Professor of Law, Helen L. Crocker Faculty Scholar, and Associate Dean for Curriculum 

ARTICLES: “Shopping for Law in the Coasean Market,” 1 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty (forthcoming 2004) • “Deriving Derivative Suits by Creditors’ Committees in Chapter 11,” Stanford Journal of Law & Business (forthcoming) 

BRIEFS: In re Integrated Telecom Express, Inc., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, case no. 04-2411 

PRESENTATIONS: Conservatism in Black America, (forum) (February 24, 2004), sponsored by the Black Law Students Association, Stanford Law School


Richard Craswell William F. Baxter-Visa International Professor of Law 

ARTICLES: “Kaplow and Shavell on the Substance of Fairness” (Symposium on Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell, Fairness versus Welfare), 32 Journal of Legal Studies 248 (2003) • “Instrumental Theories of Compensation: A Survey,” 40 San Diego Law Review 1135 (2003) 


Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar (MA ’96, PhD ’00) Associate Professor of Law and Deane F. Johnson Faculty Scholar 

ARTICLES: “The Mismatch between State Power and State Capacity in Transnational Law Enforcement,” 22 Berkeley Journal of International Law 15 (2004) • “How Much Do We Give Up for Security?,” San Jose Mercury News, (op-ed) p. 11B (March 27, 2003) • “Casualty of Tax Cut: Domestic Spending,” San Jose Mercury News, (op-ed) p. 11B (July 10, 2003) • “Tribunals Diminish Legitimacy,” San Jose Mercury News, (op-ed) p. 4P (July 20, 2003) • “Reflections on Sovereignty and Collective Security,” 40 Stanford Journal of International Law 211 (2004)


Michele Landis Dauber Associate Professor of Law and Bernard D. Bergreen Faculty Scholar

ARTICLES: “The War of 1812, September 11th, and the Politics of Compensation,” 53 DePaul Law Review 289 (Winter 2003) • “The Hazards and Vicissitudes of Social Security Privatization,” Center for American Progress (online) (September 3, 2004 )


George Fisher Judge John Crown Professor of Law BOOKS: Federal Rules of Evidence 2003-04 Statutory Supplement, Foundation Press (2003) 

ARTICLES: “A Practice as Old as Justice Itself,” The New York Times, Sept. 4, p. 11, (September 28, 2003) • “U.S. Apes Nazi Rationale,” with Allison Marston Danner, San Francisco Chronicle, (op-ed) p. D1 (March 16, 2003) [March 17, 2003, authors protest title written by the San Francisco Chronicle]