Goldstein’s First Novel Hits Best-Seller Lists

In his first work of fiction, Errors and Omissions, Paul Goldstein, Stella W. and Ira S. Lillick Professor of Law, draws on his experience as a legal scholar and practicing attorney to craft a novel of suspense and drama. The thriller, which climbed onto the San Francisco Chronicle’s best-seller list just a week after it was published in July, takes place in modern-day Hollywood where a struggle for copyright control is set against the backdrop of the 1950s Hollywood blacklist to create an authentic legal cliff-hanger. Goldstein’s first stab at fiction has won the praise of several reviews, including those in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Washington Lawyer. “Intellectual property law is filled with good stories,” Goldstein said. “The challenge was to turn a story into a human drama. I’ve really been gratified by the book’s warm reception.”