Aside from attending the Law Alumni Banquet on April 23, those returning to the School for Law Alumni Weekend met students at a reception at the Barristers Pub on Friday afternoon. Stanford Law School Today was the subject of reports made by deans, faculty and students on Saturday morning, followed by a luncheon at which Hon. Paul N. McCloskey ’53 was the speaker. An afternoon discussion of the extern program with Associate Dean Joseph Leininger was followed by a reception at the Stanford Museum and class dinners.

Parmer Fuller noted at the April 23 Law Alumni Banquet in honor of Bayless Manning, “Now before you take too much comfort, Bay, in these indices, I hasten to point out that since you have announced that you are leaving the post as dean of the Stanford Law School, the number of applicants for admission has risen by fifty percent.” Indeed, it is true, whatever all the causes may be, as can be seen on the chart, that applications to Stanford Law School have risen by 176% in the last five years. With about 3,800 applications this year, the School can now accept only about 10% of its applicants, compared with 59% in 1961. It is estimated that the class entering in 1971 will have a median LSAT score of 702 (in the 97th percentile) and a grade point average of 3.66.