Law faculty colloquia in the Law School’s Lang Room, the faculty’s meeting room given to the School by Richard E. Lang ’28, have become an increasingly significant feature in the intellectual life of the School. Typically, a visiting scholar or faculty member offers an informal presentation on a legal subject of current scholarly interest, and the entire faculty then participates in a two-hour period of questions and general discussion. Colloquium leaders this year have included Professor Paul Bator of Harvard, who discussed the proposed ALI Pre-arraignment Code, Professor Joseph L. Sax of Colorado, who spoke on contemporary problems of compensation in condemnation proceedings, and Professor Yosal Rogat of Chicago, who reviewed for the combined faculties of the Law School and Stanford’s Department of Political Science differing conceptions of the judicial function in the history of American political thought.

In a variation from the usual colloquium format, the law faculty on January 21 welcomed as colloquium leader a prominent Law School alumnus. United States Senator Frank Church of Idaho ’50, on the campus as a guest of the Foreign Policy Institute to deliver a public speech at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, met with the faculty for an informal discussion of senatorial participation in the formation of foreign policy.

Law Faculty Colloquia
Senator Church ’50, in a law faculty colloquium discusses
the role of the Senate in the formulation of foreign policy.
Professor Gerald Gunther, left, and former Dean Carl Spaeth talk with the Senator.
Law Faculty Colloquia 1
Senator Church with one of his undergraduate teachers, Professor of Political Science Emeritus, Thomas S. Barclay.